Bravo Stand Survey Collapsing Music Stand Sets Up in Moment

Take your performances up a notch with the Bravo Stand. Foldable, lightweight, and easy to deploy, it slashes pre-show setup time.

Make setup for on-the-road gigs a breeze when you have the Bravo Stand folding music stand. With its sleek design and exceptional craftsmanship, it unfolds effortlessly so you can focus on your show—and nothing else.

You want to give a flawless performance. But if your music stand is bulky and difficult to assemble, you have an unnecessary hurdle in your setup routine.

And it’s something you need to ditch ASAP. Because you want to start each show relaxed and ready. Having your sheet music at the right height, stable, and well-illuminated goes a long way toward achieving that.

Well, today, I have the solution to faulty, cumbersome music stands. Its name is the Bravo Stand, and it boasts a quick-unfolding tripod deploy design, kicking pre-performance stress to the curb.

It’s like having a magic wand in your music bag—one twist is all it takes to set your music station up for success. Ready to check it out with me? Let’s go!

Unfold this compact music stand in seconds

The Bravo Stand’s most important feature is its unique tripod deploy structure. It unfolds in seconds and requires absolutely no assembly.

All you have to do is unfold and unlock it to set it up. The tripod legs release with a twist, and you can expand the base by pushing the handle sleeve.

It’s a little like opening an umbrella—the legs extend instantly. This setup is incredibly easy and vastly simplifies pre-performance setup. Plus, you can spend the extra time on longer warmups.

Rely on the Bravo Stand for stability

A sheet music stand must be stable. After all, you don’t want a sudden gust of wind toppling it over mid-show. Thankfully, while this folding music stand is compact, it’s also very sturdy.

That’s due to the double-braced tripod legs and silicone-padded base. They keep your music planted in place, so you can keep the show going.

Meanwhile, with a capacity of 2.2 pounds, this folding music stand can support even your heaviest music books, whether you’re playing a tome of classics or an anthology of modern work.

Adjust this portable music stand to your height

What’s more, the Bravo Stand offers adjustable height so that you can set it to your specifications. It lowers to a minimum of 31 inches and raises to a maximum of 64 inches. So it covers a wide range of heights and both sitting and standing playing styles.

Even better, you can adjust the stand with a simple pull. With the patented technology in the center extension rod, the stand syncs and stops according to your movements.

It’s never been easier to adjust the height of your music stand. Now, instead of taking minutes to create the perfect playing setup, it takes only seconds.

Enjoy angled views of your sheet music

It’s uncomfortable playing from sheet music that isn’t angled. Luckily, this folding music stand has you covered there, too. It adjusts to 205° so you can tilt it to your preferences.

It takes only a twist and tilt to ensure you play in comfort all performance long. This is a huge deal, especially if you play for hours at a time.

Keeping your music well positioned helps avoid neck and shoulder cramps mid-performance, helping you put on the best show possible.

Check out the upper sheet support

Not only is this folding music stand adjustable and easy to set up, but it also has a pretty cool upper portion. In fact, you can adjust it vertically and horizontally to fit your book better. Then, a 2-inch metal tray provides further support.

Moreover, built-in see-through clips keep your pages flat in breezy conditions but still allow you to see the music on the page. I find this an incredibly thoughtful detail!

Take this foldable music stand on the road
If you travel to gigs and other performances, there’s no better gadget to take with you than the Bravo Stand. The entire stand folds to just 17 inches in length. That means you can easily pack it in a backpack or another music bag.

And, of course, it’s lightweight, so you’ll barely notice you’re carrying a music stand. You likely already carry a heavy instrument. It’s time to lighten the load with a compact, easy-to-carry stand.

Illuminate your shows with the Lumi light

My favorite of all the Bravo Stand features is its detachable Lumi light. It’s no fun squinting at sheet music as dusk falls outside or while you play in a dimly lit room.

So the team behind this folding music stand included a helpful detachable Lumi light. It unfolds from its compact size and runs on AAA batteries or USB-C. Plus, with 2 brightness settings, it can adjust to your needs.

Elevate your performance with the KG Flexy Mount

Want your performance to reach even more viewers? With the KG Flexy Mount for smartphones and mini tablets, you can record or stream right from your stand. Just place your device in the mount, hit record or stream, and start playing.

Additionally, this mount also helps you play from digital music sheets. That way, you can play from your favorite online sources confidently without any wobble or instability.

Upgrade your performances with the Bravo Stand

If you travel to gigs, shows, and rehearsals, the Bravo Stand should be on your list of must-buy gear. It makes setup for performances effortless, resulting in smoother, more enjoyable shows.


Yep, instead of spending 5–10 minutes struggling with a typical music stand and adjusting its height before the show, you can get right to warming up.

Then, during the show, you won’t have to worry about your stand toppling over if there’s a breeze or wobbling when you turn a page. The stable design keeps you confident.

These features, coupled with the detachable light, adjustable tilt, and folding shape, make the Bravo Stand a standout product that should be in any musician’s EDC.

If you’re as impressed by the Bravo Stand as I am, check out its Kickstarter campaign.

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