Chefstemp Protemp in Addition to Survey Meat Thermometer

Tired of overcooking meat? Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious, tender meat and fish every time you cook with the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus.

Upgrade your cooking game with the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this long-range wireless meat thermometer keeps you connected to your food.

I love grilled meat in the summer. The trouble is, meat can be perfect one minute, then bone-dry the next if I don’t pay attention. And that’s why I always use a wireless meat thermometer.

Yes, I said wireless. I’ve found these gadgets to be instrumental in helping me cook a lovely meal for my family and friends—without confining myself to the kitchen or grill area.

These gadgets give you the freedom to move around the house, roughhouse with the kids for a few minutes, or enjoy your guests—all while keeping track of your food.

The ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus is an exciting new wireless meat thermometer now on Kickstarter. Interestingly, it connects to your iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Let’s check it out!

Cook tender, juicy meat every time

Tired of accidentally overcooking meat? While it tastes fine, it could have been so much better. Well, you can finally kick dry food disappointment to the curb with the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus.

Featuring both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it helps you watch your food, even if you need to step away from the grill. Yes, Wi-Fi lets you monitor your food from afar and Bluetooth can step in when no internet is available. So this gadget is also great for camping trips.

And, with a temperature accuracy of +-0.9°F/+-0.5°C, you never have to guess where your meat is in the cooking process. The temperature display on the stand and mobile app shows it to you clearly.

That way, you can enjoy meat cooked to perfection every single time.

Have flexibility with this long-range thermometer
And, while this gadget helps avoid overcooked meat, it also gives you freedom from the kitchen or grill area, which is my favorite feature.

According to the company, ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus has an unlimited transmission range with its Wi-Fi connectivity. It lets you monitor your food from anywhere—even when you’re not at home (though please keep obvious safety precautions in mind).

And, even in environments without internet, the Bluetooth booster offers a steady 500-foot connection. So you can leave your meat to cook on the grill while you spend time with your friends at your next outdoor gathering.

Cook multiple types of meat at once

Another feature I love about this long-range wireless meat thermometer is its multiple cooking probes. They come in handy when you’re cooking different cuts of meat in the same grill or oven, like chicken thighs and breasts, which tend to cook at different times.

And you can monitor those multiple cooking times from the mobile app or external thermometer dock. This feature practically allows you to be a short-order cook from afar.

Use this Wi-Fi meat thermometer with iOS and Android
Whether you use Android or Apple devices, you can make full use of the ChefsTemp ProTemp app. It’s compatible with both operating systems.

Plus, the app is easy to set up and use. All it takes is a few taps to monitor your food’s temperature and see the remaining cook time. The app also sends you alerts when your food is ready and can manage multiple cooking times.

It’s a true digital helper in the kitchen, keeping track of the oven or grill while you concentrate on other tasks.

Get a wireless meat thermometer that lasts

I can’t tell you how many meat thermometers I’ve gone through since I started cooking. Unfortunately, many digital meat thermometers don’t stand the test of time for a variety of reasons.

Luckily, this kitchen gadget offers a premium, durable design you can count on. In fact, it uses Zirconia material, which has top-of-the-line thermal insulation and resistance to temperatures up to 752°F.

What’s more, this long-range wireless meat thermometer can even withstand the elements, thanks to its IP55 water-resistance rating. That means it can endure dust and water from any angle. So a spritz of dishwater or even accidental submersion won’t bother it.

Enjoy USB-C powered and a magnetic design

The features don’t stop there. The ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus also helps you charge other devices with its USB-C port. It’s great for adding extra juice to your phone or portable speaker while you cook. Meanwhile, the rechargeable lithium battery gives you longer use without frequent battery replacements.

And, interestingly, this wireless meat thermometer also has a built-in magnet array. So you can snap it to your fridge, grill, oven, or other metallic surface and keep it at your fingertips whenever it’s time to cook.

Elevate your cooking skills with the ProTemp Plus

Look no further than the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus if you want to improve your cooking all year long. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it lets you monitor your food from a distance and works with both grills and ovens.

Not only that, but the gadget relies on high-quality materials, is 100% wireless, works with an easy-to-use iOS/Android app, and has many other useful features. In short, it has all the tools a modern cook could hope for.

Overall, I was impressed by the build quality and sheer multitude of features of this wireless meat thermometer. It will surely simplify mealtime at my home!

Love the ChefsTemp ProTemp Plus as much as I do? Preorder it for on Kickstarter today!

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