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Block background noise and focus on your work or music with the OneOdio A10. These ANC headphones reduce noise to 35 dB and boast great sound!

Take your focus to new heights with the OneOdio A10 hybrid ANC headphones. Reducing noise to a respectable 35 dB, they block out distractions, helping you focus on work or immerse yourself in music.

Can’t work with background noise? Maybe you want to travel in a bubble of solitude. I hear you because both apply to me. As a person who works from home and travels frequently, I’m always on the lookout for headphones that block out the noise—and filter it in when necessary.

And that’s why I was excited to see the OneOdio A10 hybrid ANC headphones on my list of products to review. Not only do these headphones block out up to 95% of low- and mid-range noises, but they also have a human voice-amplifying transparency mode.

Block out the world with the hybrid ANC

If you want to work without distractions, you’ll appreciate the OneOdio A10’s hybrid active noise cancellation. These headphones actually reduce noise to 35 dB, making the outside sound a faint whisper.

Yes, if a roommate or a family member wants to play a game or watch TV in the same room you’re working in, they can. These headphones ensure you can focus on your work and barely hear anything else, thanks to ANC tech that blocks out 95% of low- and mid-range frequency noises.

This is also a great feature for travel as it allows you to spend your trip immersed in music or catching up on your podcasts. The people loudly chatting behind you won’t be a nuisance.

Filter sound back in with these travel-friendly headphones

When I want to enter deep work mode, I turn on my favorite playlist and type to the beat. But I still like having an ear on what’s going on at home. And, for people like me, a pair of ANC headphones with a transparency mode is just the thing.

The OneOdio A10, for its part, has a pretty unique transparency mode. It’s actually able to reduce the music in your headphones while amplifying the human voice. So if you’re working, but your spouse wants to ask you a question, you’ll hear them right away.

And, like the ANC, the transparency mode is also good for travel. These headphones automatically lower the music to help you hear any announcements, ensuring you don’t miss your flight or train.

Enjoy top-notch sound from these ANC headphones

Meanwhile, these hybrid ANC headphones offer excellent sound. The company says you can expect Hi-Res Audio with separate low, mid, and high-frequency transmission for hyper-pure and clear sound.

So, while these headphones are great for focus, they also do your music justice by reproducing the sound as it ought to be heard. You won’t get any distortions, and your favorite tunes will sound just as good as they do on external speakers.

Check out the comfortable, foldable design

If, like me, you wear your headphones for hours at a time, you’ll appreciate the ergonomic design of these hybrid ANC headphones.

The earpads boast true protein memory foam, which forms to fit your ears, giving you long-lasting comfort. You won’t have to worry about headaches with the OneOdio A10.

Then, you can’t beat the folding design. The earcups rotate left and right, and the entire gadget can fold flat for easy travel in the included pouch.

That way, they take up as little space as possible in your backpack or laptop bag, helping you make better use of limited space.

Listen for up to 50 hours

A downfall of many wireless headphones is their short battery life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to switch to wired headphones for a call because my wireless ones ran out of battery. Luckily, battery life isn’t a problem with the OneOdio A10.

These headphones have an impressive 50-hour playback time when connected to a device via Bluetooth, 40 hours with both Bluetooth and the ANC activated, and 62 hours with just the ANC.

The 50-hour playtime is just over 2 days of battery life, so you really can listen for as long as you like. Plus, they recharge fully in just 1.5 hours, and a 10-minute powered boost translates to 5.5 hours of use.

But say you have an urgent unexpected call with only a few minutes of battery life left. These hybrid ANC headphones still have your back because they come with an audio cable. Simply plug it in and use the A10 in wired mode.

Connect with up to 2 devices

As a work-from-homer, I need gadgets that do double duty. And, with its multipoint connection, the OneOdio A10 meets my requirements.

It connects to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, so I can use them with my computer during work and keep them on for calls once I’m done for the day.

The headphones allow seamless transitions between devices, so you never have to manually reconnect. It’s such a helpful feature for busy professionals, students, and parents alike.

Treat yourself to gorgeous headphones

With their shiny black circular earcups, the OneOdio A10 headphones are sleek and modern. You won’t mind wearing them while you’re out and about or during a videoconference.

And surprisingly, this aesthetic doesn’t cost you over. These hybrid ANC headphones are elegant and refined, without any of the garish elements you see on similarly priced headphones.

Get clear calls and ambient sound control
Clear online calls are important for anyone who works on a remote team. You want to be sure your colleagues can hear your ideas instead of having to decipher them from garbled noise.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with these wireless headphones. Thanks to a built-in CVC 8.0 mic, you can be sure you’re heard clearly.

Buy the OneOdio A10 for focus and calm

I was impressed by the OneOdio A10’s value for money. These headphones offer a long battery life, effective ANC, and a stylish design.

Whereas some headphones with the same specs can go for upwards these are regularly priced at on Amazon. With the Prime Day discount.

Whether you’re a professional or student who needs to block out distractions or a travel enthusiast who wants to have a better trip, these hybrid ANC headphones are a great choice thanks to their robust ANC and unique transparency mode.

Love the OneOdio A10 headphones as much as I do? Now’s a great to buy them. They’re just for Amazon Prime Day.

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