This Work Area Light Puts a Focus on Your Health

Combining beauty and biology, the SKYVIEW 2 wellness lamp brings the unparalleled benefits of natural light indoors for the first time.

Tired of feeling drained midway through the workday? The SKYVIEW 2 wellness lamp has you covered. With its proprietary dynamic lighting technology, it has the ability to positively affect your focus, sleep, and energy levels. Let’s check it out!

Whether you’re reading in the harsh white light of an office cubicle or the warm natural light of a home office full of windows, you probably don’t realize how much of an impact your lighting has. Yes, everything from your circadian rhythm to your mood and energy levels can be affected by the light in your surroundings.

As a new wave of health-conscious creations begins to sweep the internet, companies are improving how they automate our home lighting. And it’s way beyond just telling a virtual assistant to turn the lights off or on.

With consumers’ health and wellness and the convenience of smart devices in mind, Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems (BIOS) designed the SKYVIEW 2. It’s a lamp designed to improve performance, sleep, and mood through a marriage of technology and biology.

I spend a lot of time working at my desk. So I also spend a lot of time looking for ways to optimize my health, sleep, and focus. When I heard about the science-backed benefits of the SKYVIEW 2 lamp, I knew it was something I needed to share with you. Let’s check out the lamp’s 3 major benefits: improved focus, elevated mood, and better quality sleep.

Feel the benefits of this wellness lamp

Time and time again, it’s been proven that outdoor light is vital to our health and well-being. From body rhythm regulation to vitamin D production, natural sunlight has a whole host of health benefits. But we spend 90% of our lives indoors. For that reason, BIOS invented the SKYVIEW 2 to fill in the gaps.

The SKYVIEW 2 lamp is powered by BIOS’s signature SKYVIEW technology, which cycles through brilliant sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime hues throughout the day. These transitions aren’t arbitrary. They aim to positively impact the body on a biological level, similar to how sunlight regulates the natural internal clock.

The SKYVIEW 2’s dynamic 24-hour lighting experience shows an increase in productivity and focus, improves sleep quality, and elevates mood. A recent interventional clinical trial of the SKYVIEW technology found that participants who introduced SKYVIEW 2 lamps to their office environments reported feeling more alert, happier, and more mentally agile.

You’ll find that the study is no joke. You won’t need to go out for your usual post-lunch cup of coffee, and you’ll feel more alert over your day. In the evening, you can fall asleep and stay that way more easily than before.

Enjoy the beautiful design of this wellness lamp

Another huge bonus of the SKYVIEW 2 is that it’s not just functional—it’s beautiful, too. The high-quality materials add elegance to every room. And, when you consider the look of other wellness lamps on the market, this is a huge plus.

And the experts agree. SKYVIEW 2 has won awards from GOOD DESIGN and the NY Product Design Awards. With a low-set base and a slightly-elevated round bulb, it has a unique style. It also diffuses light gently, so it’s comfortable for the eye.

Just like the sky, the lamp emits gradient lighting, creating a gorgeous, almost ombre-like color scheme. This simple elegance complements pretty much any space. Plus, the size is excellent, even for small desks or end tables.

Experience the biology-based, scienced-backed results

Sure, this wellness lamp changes colors. But the color changes are far more intentional and logical than, say, the color-changing light bulbs or LED strips you find in the home renovation sections at most stores. The lamp’s focus on dynamic lighting and color-changing gradients provides your body with the right type of light given the time of day.

This circadian lighting design came from a whole wealth of industry knowledge. BIOS co-founder Robert Soler is a former NASA subject matter expert who helped develop circadian lighting systems for the International Space Station.

You’ll notice a boost in sustained focus during your workday. This is a welcome deviation from your typical post-lunch slump. You’ll also feel more motivated when actually sitting down and working. But the real benefit is in sleep quality. You’ll feel less tired during the day and more like you had slept well at night.

You may also notice a significant boost in mood, likely at least partially due to the increased quality of your sleep but also because you won’t be staring at fluorescent lights all day. Through the app, you’ll be able to personalize your experience during its 24-hour cycle.

Supercharge your daily routines

The SKYVIEW 2 wellness lamp offers a smart, modern, science-backed way to deliver all the benefits of natural light. It delivers near-constant benefits and greatly improves your daily routines.

If you want to revolutionize your lighting situation and improve your health while working—or if you’d just like to invest in lighting that’s more than just a pretty fixture—the SKYVIEW 2 is definitely worth buying.

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