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Make 3D printing quicker, easier, and less wasteful with the XYZMaximizer series. They’re up to 5 times faster than competitors.

Ready to take your 3D creations to the next level? Whether you’re a product designer or you own a 3D printing farm, the new XYZMaximizer 3D printer series is worth considering. Easy to use and compatible with a wide range of filaments, these versatile 3D printers support your innovations.

If you’re a designer or engineer, 3D printing is an excellent way to quickly take your ideas from concept to body creation. And, for others, it’s a true business opportunity. Yet 3D printers can be tricky to use and manage. Plus, they generate plastic waste.

Many 3D printers have crossed my desk here at Gadget Flow. But I’m particularly excited about the XYZMaximizer 3D printers. Consisting of the CBR300 iDEX, CBR600 iDEX, or the single-extruder CBR300 CoreXZ, they solve the above user pain points and more. Yes, they even connect to Wi-Fi and are collaborative.

All in all, these printers represent a new era of 3D printing. One that’s easier to use, reduces waste, and is more versatile.

Let’s check them out!

Go for 3D printers that have creative modes

If you already use 3D printers, you know that one of the main disadvantages is limited materials. Not every material can be used and plastic is still preferred. However, the XYZMaximizer 3D printer models CBR300 iDEX and CBR600 iDEX help action the issue thanks to their independent dual extruders.

These extruders support multiple materials and colors, resulting in 3D creations that are more aesthetically pleasing with contrasting colors and finishes. Finally, a series of 3D printers that can bring complexity and good design principles to a print!

And, if you’re wondering which filaments the printers work with, I have the list for you. They are PLA, ASA, PETG, PC, and ABS. It’s a pretty comprehensive menu and should satisfy most printing needs.

These versatile 3D printers also offer duplication and mirror modes, giving you even more flexibility for your designs and big ideas.

Choose a zero-waste 3D printer

3D printers use raw plastic for their creations, which already reduces waste generation compared to other methods. Yet the process still produces excess plastic in the print beds. And, while PLA plastic is biodegradable, ABS is still the most widely used plastic in 3D print jobs. The excess plastic winds up in landfills.

It’s not a pretty picture and one the creators of the XYZMaximizer series are trying to action. For that reason, they developed a 3D printer with a zero-waste design. How is it possible? With these printers, you use only the exact amount of material you need for your project—no more, no less.

Yes, incredibly, the CBR300 iDEX and CBR600 iDEX use 6 to 10 times less filament than other 3D printers but are up to 5 times faster and 5 to 10 times more cost-effective. Pretty cool, no?

So not only are these printers gentler on the environment, but they also speed up your production time and save you money. It’s a true win-win.

Make 3D printing easier

Another common complaint about 3D printers is that they aren’t user friendly. And it’s true. Because they rely on specialized equipment and use high-voltage power, they require that users possess some technical experience or know-how.

But that’s another area where these versatile 3D printers win the day. All the printers come pre-assembled and are ready to work out of the box. That’s right; there’s no building or complicated installation process. With these printers, you can open the box and get straight to the fun stuff.

Moreover, each printer has a 5″ touch screen, offers Wi-Fi and LAN support, and works with web and mobile interfaces. So they’re ready to adapt to your current workspace.

And, best of all, these printers can fit on a standard desk. That’s right; you don’t have to build an entire workshop to fit them into your creative process.

Check out the open-source 3D print design

Another great feature of the XYZMaximizer 3D printers is their open-source design. The printers are powered by Raspberry Pi and run on the open-source Klipper firmware. That way, you can take advantage of the recent 3D printing improvements or create them yourself.

Another feature of the XYZMaximizer 3D printers worth mentioning is their use of off-the-shelf components. Whereas typical 3D printers tend to be built with specialized parts that aren’t always easy to track down, the mechanics in these versatile 3D printers are easily procurable.

Experience the next generation of 3-dimensional prints

Early 3D printers bucked the product development industry, allowing creators to produce their own products without a factory for the first time. Yet, while 3D printing eliminates many of the traditional manufacturing steps, the processes aren’t perfect.

The XYZMaximizer 3D printers work to solve many of the hassles that come with 3D printing, like ease of use, versatility, and waste. These make 3D printing a more fun, joyful experience that involves less stress and produces beautiful results.

As a reviewer who supports eco-friendly products and more efficient processes, I give my wholehearted recommendation for the XYZMaximizer 3D printers.

Want to update your 3D printing with the XYZMaximizer 3D printers? Preorder yours on Kickstarter. What 3D-printing hangups do you wish product designers could solve? Tell us about them in the comments

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